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Keeps on freezing.

We paid for this and cant even use it. As soon as I click on a lesson, the game just freezes.

Excellent Learning App!

This app is really great. I highly recommend it for young kids who are learning the sound out letters! All kinds of options!

Must have educational game!

This game is AMAZING and I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn in a fun and engaging way, featured multiple levels and appealing graphics! A++

Great Learning App

The app is so easy to use, and it is great to learn from. My son hasnt been able to stop playing around with it, and I feel he is really learning a lot. There are also so many different ways for kids to learn, making it an overall awesome app.

From Learning to Mastery!

Phonics: Fun on Farm provides toddlers and young children the opportunity to learn how to read, spell, and trace! With over 12 games to choose from, Phonics: Fun on Farm teaches phonemic awareness, letter sounds, writing and recognizing letters, reading and spelling foundation, and finally, reading fluency. Children remain constantly engaged as they join Farmer Frank on an adventure filled with animals! From the get-go, children can create their own profile. The app keeps track of their statistics and parents can easily refer to the statistics report to see how well their child is progressing in their phonics endeavour! Overall, Phonics: Fun on Farm takes learning to a whole new level as children begin learning and move toward mastery-level achievement!

Bright and Fun

This is the perfect game for kids, good colors to keep their attention, while they learn!!! I’ll make sure to share this with my friends who have kids!

Great App

Downloaded this one for my little one. Great app for basic speech skills development. I noted that the colors are nice and bright and the sounds keep kids interested. Great work.


Another amazing game! These guys just seem to be getting better and better with their games! Kids love it!

Good but could use more polish

And the incessant good job is really a problem.

Not working.

It elas my sons favourite game.

Excellent App For Kids

I highly recommend this app for young children. There is a parents guide on how to use the app to help you kids learn to read. The app is user friendly and easy for young kids to navigate. With all the games are children have to choose from, why not give them apps that will give them the edge in their education? I give this app a big thumbs up. Kids will love learning to read using this app.

Fun and Educational for my 3 Year Old

Stumbled upon this app and I have to say, its pretty great! My daughter loves it and it really seems like shes learning. Keep up the great work developers! Thanks for the app!

Amazing app! Great for kids

My kids and I have fallen in love with this app, It allows them to have fun and for me I can make sure they are learning while they have fun. This app is better than most paid apps I have bought for my kids in the past. It guides them through the learning rather than just throwing it in their face. I also like that the apps speaks to them and lets them hear the sounds and words being used. I can see that my kids are actually learning, sometimes I catch them using words that they learned from the app and they pronouce the words right and use them in the right context which is great. This app also has many games and things to learn all in one app and not all of the games use the same way of teaching so you can find what works best for your kids. This app is amazing and I recommend it to anyone with little kids.

So much fun.

My daughter loves Fun on Farm Reading so much because of the fun ways it teaches her words. Her favorite game they have is word bingo and its exactly like regular bingo except you have to find the word called so its amazingly fun and shes reading and learning and doesnt even realize it. Great game.

Very educational and fun

This is a great app especially for kids who like learning and having fun at the same time. I admit it had me hooked as I was playing it for awhile. This is something Id recommend to my nieces and nephews. If youre looking for a great way to educate your kids I highly recommend giving this game app a try.

Fun Farm

I love this app and so does my 4 year old daughter. She is always asking me if she can play “Fun Farm” and of course I always tell her yes. It’s a fun and interactive way for her to learn how to read. It’s always a fun time when we sit down together to read books and she starts to read some words to me. I get so excited for her and you can just see her confidence rise every time. This is definitely our most used app. If you’re thinking of whether or not to get “Fun Farm” then you should stop thinking and start downloading. You will not regret it.

Lot of fun!

Great app for kids! Theres tons of options on how to learn to spell, say, and write words.

Awesome game

I got this game for my daughter and while I was playing with her turn by turn I got addicted to it myself Very educational game that helps develop kids ability to understand sound, letters and signs, plus many more games included with this app. Is a great app.

A great way to start kids off!

My wife and I have been strongly encouraging my niece to play "Games" on her phone that are educational. We cam across Phonics: Fun on Farm which has been a great app for her to get started on. This app focuses on spelling and teaching children in a fun way everything they need to have a great time and learn! We highly recommend Phonics Fun on Farm if you are looking to add quality educational apps to your devices for you little learners!


As a teacher, I can highly recommend this app. I wish all children mastered the skills that this app teaches before they go to school. I love how effortlessly the app presents the otherwise complex material. Playing with the app everyday should indeed get children to read in a relatively short period of time provided they get through all the games. I would encourage parents to prompt their children with selecting activities in order to ensure progress (the app makes this very easy for parents and teachers by tracking children’s performance and displaying it). I really like everything about this app. It is thoroughly educational, engaging for children, and incorporates beautiful design. Not to mention all the great motivational stickers that it gives to children!

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