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Phonics Fun on Farm Educational Learn to Read App app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 5360 ratings )
Games Education Educational Family
Developer: 22learn, LLC
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.2.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 May 2014
App size: 94.62 Mb

***** Developed in cooperation with educational specialists by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling apps for kids, to best prepare your children for success in kindergarten and school curriculum.

Join Farmer Frank and his animals to learn how to read!


* HIGLY RECOMMENDED by Best Apps for Kids!

“Phonics: Fun on Farm is an outstanding app that will keep the kids learning all through their early years as they develop reading skills.” Sandra Fleming,

* Voted APP OF THE WEEK by iHeartThisApp readers (05/11/14 - 05/18/14)

* 5 stars by the iPhone Mom

“I really enjoyed the Phonics: Fun on Farm app! I would definitely recommend this app to parents of early readers or those who are ready to begin learning the basics of reading. I will be playing this app with my 3 year old son for sure!”

* Teachers with Apps review:

“Phonics: Fun on Farm is a strong app for guiding reading readiness or beginner readers, as its focus is on traditional educational standards for phonemic awareness. The app is geared towards beginning readers ages 3-7 and rests on a comprehensive foundation, as supported by its content throughout.”

Discover how your child can turn from a non-reader to a reader in 12 fun and rigorous educational games! Our new Phonics: Fun on Farm app with its systematic phonics method of reading instruction uses the best practices for teaching reading. In this comprehensive package for beginning readers, we cover essential reading sub-skills including phoneme recognition, letter-sound relationships, letter writing, blending sounds to form words, spelling, and reading words and simple sentences.

Compared to other high-end reading programs, the app excels in its gradual introduction of groups of letters based on their ability to form words, its scaffolding options, multi-user performance analysis, and an amazing variety of games for maximum practice.



Feed the animals, herd the sheep back to their barns, or build your own beautiful farm while mastering the reading basics! Phonics: Fun on Farm is an ideal app to help young learners lay foundation for their future reading adventures.


•12 fabulous games that teach essential reading skills.

• Complex reading instruction that includes development of phonemic awareness, letter-sound relationships, writing and letter recognition, spelling, and reading fluency.

•Letter-sound relationships for the sounds of the most common consonants and short vowels.

• Over 250 decodable words, 100 captions and sentences, and the most frequent sight words.

• 6 scenes with hundreds of motivational stickers that allow children to build their own farm.

• Multi-user customization and performance analysis.

• Great preparation and practice for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade children.


1) Matching Sounds
2) Initial Sounds
3) Flash Cards
4) Letter Sounds
5) Tracing Letters
6) Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
7) Blending Sounds
8) Spelling
9) Reading
10) Sight Words
11) Fluent Reading
12) Word Bingo

Pros and cons of Phonics Fun on Farm Educational Learn to Read App app for iPhone and iPad

Phonics Fun on Farm Educational Learn to Read App app good for

This app is really great. I highly recommend it for young kids who are learning the sound out letters! All kinds of options!
This game is AMAZING and I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn in a fun and engaging way, featured multiple levels and appealing graphics! A++
The app is so easy to use, and it is great to learn from. My son hasnt been able to stop playing around with it, and I feel he is really learning a lot. There are also so many different ways for kids to learn, making it an overall awesome app.
Phonics: Fun on Farm provides toddlers and young children the opportunity to learn how to read, spell, and trace! With over 12 games to choose from, Phonics: Fun on Farm teaches phonemic awareness, letter sounds, writing and recognizing letters, reading and spelling foundation, and finally, reading fluency. Children remain constantly engaged as they join Farmer Frank on an adventure filled with animals! From the get-go, children can create their own profile. The app keeps track of their statistics and parents can easily refer to the statistics report to see how well their child is progressing in their phonics endeavour! Overall, Phonics: Fun on Farm takes learning to a whole new level as children begin learning and move toward mastery-level achievement!
This is the perfect game for kids, good colors to keep their attention, while they learn!!! I’ll make sure to share this with my friends who have kids!
Downloaded this one for my little one. Great app for basic speech skills development. I noted that the colors are nice and bright and the sounds keep kids interested. Great work.

Some bad moments

We paid for this and cant even use it. As soon as I click on a lesson, the game just freezes.
I highly recommend this app for young children. There is a parents guide on how to use the app to help you kids learn to read. The app is user friendly and easy for young kids to navigate. With all the games are children have to choose from, why not give them apps that will give them the edge in their education? I give this app a big thumbs up. Kids will love learning to read using this app.
Stumbled upon this app and I have to say, its pretty great! My daughter loves it and it really seems like shes learning. Keep up the great work developers! Thanks for the app!
My kids and I have fallen in love with this app, It allows them to have fun and for me I can make sure they are learning while they have fun. This app is better than most paid apps I have bought for my kids in the past. It guides them through the learning rather than just throwing it in their face. I also like that the apps speaks to them and lets them hear the sounds and words being used. I can see that my kids are actually learning, sometimes I catch them using words that they learned from the app and they pronouce the words right and use them in the right context which is great. This app also has many games and things to learn all in one app and not all of the games use the same way of teaching so you can find what works best for your kids. This app is amazing and I recommend it to anyone with little kids.
My daughter loves Fun on Farm Reading so much because of the fun ways it teaches her words. Her favorite game they have is word bingo and its exactly like regular bingo except you have to find the word called so its amazingly fun and shes reading and learning and doesnt even realize it. Great game.
This is a great app especially for kids who like learning and having fun at the same time. I admit it had me hooked as I was playing it for awhile. This is something Id recommend to my nieces and nephews. If youre looking for a great way to educate your kids I highly recommend giving this game app a try.

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